About Gelato

Total Variety with an Italian Style

Peterbrooke is proud to introduce our new Gelato!

Our gelato is hand made in small batches in Jacksonville, FL by our very own Gelaterie Artesian, Rick Consolo. Gelato is the Italian word for Ice Cream with a couple of differences. Gelato has significantly less butterfat than ice cream, gelato has a much higher density than ice cream and gelato is served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream, all producing a highly flavorful and delicious treat! Enjoy!

Cup of of Peterbrooke Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato

Meet the Gelatiere

Peterbrooke Gelatiere Rick Consolo

Rick Consolo

True passion for authentic Gelato!

Rick is originally from Cleveland, Ohio with strong Sicilian and Calabrese roots. After years in the radio business, Rick decided to pursue his passion for gelato. This passion for gelato developed early on with frequent trips to his paternal family’s town of Sant Agata di Millitello in Sicily. Rick moved to Jacksonville after years of producing his homemade gelato in South Florida and he immediately recognized a void in the market for authentic, Sicilian style gelato. The relationship with Peterbrooke was formed and with the construction of the new production facility the team was able to carve out a fantastic gelato kitchen! This allowed Rick to bring fresh authentic gelato to the masses of North Florida and beyond. The circumstances could not have aligned better for this serendipitous collaboration!


What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?

  1. Gelato has significantly less butterfat than ice cream, typically 18 to 26%.  However less fat does not mean less flavor.  With the lower butterfat content, gelato is less solidly frozen than ice cream and melts in your mouth faster.  Therefore the guest will taste the gelato’s full flavor immediately.
  2. Gelato has a much higher density than ice cream.  Ice cream is produced by mixing cream, milk and sugar and then adding air.  Manufacturers add air to ice cream because it nearly doubles the quantity of their product. This cuts the quality of the ice cream in half.  No air is added to gelato.  The result is a lighter quality dessert and a richer creamier taste.
  3. Gelato is served slightly warmer than ice cream.  While ice cream is served well below the freezing temperature of 32°F, gelato is served +8°F to +12°F higher.  Because it is less solidly frozen, the gelato taste is further enhanced as it melts in the mouth.

Where do you get your ingredients?

Almost all ingredients for our gelato come directly from Italy. Our sorbets are made from the ripest seasonal fruits, and locally sourced, when possible.

The colors are so bright, there must be color added.

No artificial colors or flavors are ever added to our products.

What if there is a flavor I like, but I don't see it in the stores?

Submit any flavor to your local store manager, and we’ll get right on the process of introducing it  or developing it, if it’s something new and different.